Probation Check In Lobby TV - Setup Instructions

Probation Check In has a Simple solution for your Lobby Display

About the TV Display

The TV display is designed for the lobby and shows the status of people waiting (entries that have not been acknowledged). It can optionally show the Average Wait time.

Once an entry has been acknowledged, it will show the Acknowledgement Message on the TV display for 3 minutes. The Acknowledgement message is set in the configuration.


  • Designed for Lobby Use
  • Shows status of people waiting
  • Shows First Name Last Initial for privacy
  • Messages can be customized
  • Suggest LG Smart Series 4K TV

Custom Lobby TV Display using LG Smart TV

Setup is Easy!

We suggest the LG Smart Series 4k TV line

Use the following link on your TV browser;

replace SYSTEMID with your own

Setup the TV options

  • Go to Main Menu->Configuration
  • Scroll down to TV Options
  • Set your options

Probation Check In TV display settings

Using a PC attached to a TV

Create a shortcut and run the following program on the PC

"C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft\Edge\Application\msedge.exe" --kiosk ""

This is all one long string
Be sure to include the quotes 'as is'